Hoshizaki Thailand

A-FIT Pillar Less Upright (Reach In)


The Pillar Less Upright range from the A-FIT Series is available in 2 door and 4 door option. Designed with a simple outlook but come with features focusing on dependability with easy operation and maintenance for the busy commercial kitchen environment.

Assured with Hoshizaki’s original technology and offers another solution for kitchens that uses large size pans and trays, it is available as refrigerator or freezers and feature packed to perform in any busy kitchen.




  • Heated front frame freezer cabinets with insulation prevents condensation build -up
  • Scheduled evaporator defrost cycle eliminates buildup of ice, maintaining energy efficiency
  • Uses DC fan motor – generates less heat compared to conventional AC motor in other by 80%



    • Efficient cooling with improved defrost system
    • Special coating for a more durable evaporator
    • Advance electronic controller with clear digital display
    • Drain heater available
    • Removable refrigerator unit (for upright units)
    • Removable door gaskets
    • Rounded edges for easy cleaning
    • Automatic closing door reduces energy consumption
    • Adjustable legs
    • Full height handle


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