Nugget Ice Makers (Self Contained Units)


Aside for drinks, ice is important for preservation purposes. Hoshizaki’s Flake ice makers produces flakes consisting of 70%ice and 30% water, used primarily for cooling purposes and has no “freeze-burn’ effect when displaying fresh produce.

It is even used in large facilities such as healthcare, catering, supermarket chains or even cocktail bars.

Upholding Hoshizaki’s commitment to quality products, all ice makers by Hoshizaki has its HACCP certification in place, understanding that ice is food.

These units are also designed to produce nugget ice.

These units with the features listed below makes these units easy to maintain and operate.

  • The carbon auger bearings enhances product life expectancy, reduces maintenance costs.
  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants lowers energy consumption
  • 100% hfc free CO2 foam insulation maintain consistent temperature
  • smart computer board technology
  • stainless steel exterior
  • led error indicator for easy diagnosis.

The Unique Ice Production System



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